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Hello Everybody,

I think it is wonderful that the work of so many led to yesterday's EPA announcement of the phase out of arsenic treated wood by Dec. 31 2003.
Today, the Canadian PMRA announced it would be moving here to bring about similar changes. Still, it is a very small step compared to what needs to be done.

I heard on the news a short while ago, Richard Martin of the PMRA announce that Canada had no studies showing this wood to be dangerous. I personally, have studies by a Health Canada scientist that show this wood is dangerous, and emails to and from one of their scientists, that I received under the freedom of information act referring to others studies that backed these claims.

My December request for the PMRA files on these studies has still not been dealt with.

The recent news from Seattle, Washington where two children were poisoned from the families play structure, and a letter I received from a Texas Toxic specialist who diagnosed arsenic poisoning there in a child, who was also poisoned in the same way, further does not support Richard Martin's claims.

I would give this information to the PMRA but they had been refusing to communicate with me for a very long time and when Dr. Ed. Napke applied pressure to them to do so, they eventually called me and stated this.

Give us the reason for your interest, your name, what you and your lawyers wish to present, send that information to the general email at the PMRA and we will get back to you on whether or not we will except it.

Seeing they are quite aware, I have lost all my money to health care, they realise that I can not afford to pay a lawyer to prepare that information., when they have already shown complete disrespect to what has happened to my family, on the off chance that they will accept it

The American EPA excepts everything I send them, and even invited me to Virginia to speak before the panel and lost no time in getting the data on the Texas child, when they knew I had it. I am afraid that is where my praise ends.

Bear with me while I tell you a fairy tale. The government has known for over ten years a drug is toxic, people have suffered and died. Almost the entire country uses this drug. They are forced into removing it from the market when some ridiculous people keep warning others of the dangers. They announce their plans to phase out the drug. The companies over the next few years will lessen their production and they will use it in fewer cases. Anyone who has the drug may continue to take it for as
long as his or her supplies lasts. On top of that, we are told to congratulate the drug company on their concern for the public. Need I say more.

Now back to the issue at hand. We need to ensure that this wood is banned. That all wood is removed from where people can be harmed by it, that means everywhere. We need to introduce a public awareness program where every home receives information on the dangers and how to test their soil and protect them selves until this wood is removed.

We need to educate our hospitals and poison control centers, our family physicians and public health officials on identifying and treating people who have been exposed, in a timely fashion. Arsenic remains in the blood for only 3 days. If people are showing unusual symptoms, listen, ask if they have been exposed ,and check out the wood they have come in contact with ,instead of looking for emotional problems, which is the usual case.

We need to provide care for those who have, through no fault of their own, been poisoned because valuable data was kept from them.

We need to invest in technology to find a way to recapture these metals from the wood and keep them out of harms way.

I know that the disposal of this wood, is a nightmare of a problem. Governments should have considered this when they made their decisions during the last review. They are not facing it yet, as they continue to allow its manufacture. A mistake has been made, why not own up and try and stop any further damage to people and the environment.

If the industry is interested in the health of the public they as they claim to be, they will stop the manufacture of this wood and take responsibility for their past actions.

Finally, I am gathering the names of victims and intend to present them to our government to show them, we are here, we are not happy, and we have had enough.

Thank you and keep safe.


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