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Safe 2 Play

About the Safe Playgrounds Project:

In 2001, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) successfully filed suit against 31 manufacturers of outdoor playground equipment to stop their use of arsenic-treated wood. For this type of pressure-treated wood, chromated copper arsenate (CCA) is used as a preservative, exposing children to unsafe levels of the cancer-causing chemicals arsenic and chromium.

In 2003, thanks in large part to the sustained efforts of CEH and the Healthy Building Network, the industry agreed to stop the manufacture of arsenic-treated wood for residential uses by the end of the year.

As a follow-up to this success, CEH has launched an outreach and information campaign called the Safe Playgrounds Project in order to educate the public about how to minimize health threats to children from playgrounds where older equipment made with arsenic-treated wood is already present.

The Safe Playgrounds Project was created to provide information to California parks and recreation sites, school districts, teachers and parents groups, childcare centers and other agencies so that they are properly informed of the health risks arsenic-treated wood poses, and so that they may take the proper actions to minimize these risks.


Treated Timber - Ticking Timebomb

This site has been researched and written by Nina Lansbury Hall and
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Allergy and Environmental Health Association - Ottawa Branch

The Ottawa AEHA is a registered non-profit, self-help group for persons with chemical and environmental sensitivities and allergies. Ottawa AEHA is affiliated with the AEHA, a national registered charity operated by volunteers in several Canadian cities.


Bad Developers
Exposing developers who fail to appreciate and respect community, environment and spirit of the land.
Croydon Conservation Society CCS was formed in 1964 by concerned residents who were provoked into action by the removal of some old eucalypts near Croydon Railway Station, to make way for a service station. The group named itself, the Croydon Tree Preservation Society.
Puget Sound Creosote Awareness Project

Lake Hancock is located on beautiful Whidbey Island near Greenbank, WA. It is not "technically" a lake anymore because during the 1930's a channel broke through into the waters of Puget Sound resulting in the development of an estuary within a rare saltwater to brackish water to freshwater marsh.      

For thirty years Tony Frantz has been snorkel diving and observing Lake Hancock. He has a special bond with the marsh. What he has seen happen to this unique place is alarming. Since the opening of the channel, countless creosoted pilings and arsenic pressure-treated pieces of wood have moved into the lake and estuary and become trapped there.      

This beautiful area once filled with "natural" smells, is now permeated with the odor of creosote. Tony has made it his mission to rid Lake Hancock and the surrounding beaches of Whidbey Island of this toxic garbage. PSCAP is the result of his commitment.

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow A citizen initiative in Massachusetts to establish new government policies to prevent
harm to our health from toxic hazards including CCA wood
Richard Martin Richard Martin has a web site on cca wood that covers a great deal of data
Florida Center for Solid and 
Hazardous Waste Management
Ongoing source of new studies on every aspect of CCA wood, leaders in researching the alternatives and waste problems. Latest studies show older cca wood could be more dangerous than new
Beyond Pesticdes
This organization has joined with others to petition for a ban on several treated woods. They, like myself are gathering victim stories to try and bring about change. They are gathering all pesticide and wood poisoning stories.
New Hampshire Sierra Club Dr John Meinhold has written a resolution to ban CCA wood that many are using in their drafts. New Hampshire and Maine have serious arsenic problems believed to be leading to rising cancer rates. Check out their great site and large data file on arsenic and CCA treated wood
Mass Sierra Club Gilbert Woolley has been working away at the problems of alternatives for docks and other areas such as land fill sites. An engineer, Gilbert understands the need for solutions and not just bans.
Environmental Engineering Society
Queensland Australia
Has an interesting site, which includes CCA data and studies
Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones (EEOH) Environmental hormones are a wide variety of natural compounds and synthetic chemicals that may mimic natural hormones. They have been linked to growth, reproductive, and other health problems in wildlife and laboratory animals and may affect human health. Select main menu items for background, news, and special features. 

Check out this interesting and informative website that has leading edge research and news on the things that effect our health and environment.

David Stillwell

Department of Analytical Chemistry
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Arsenic in Pressure Treated Wood 
Arsenic is a component in the most prevalent wood preservative formulation in use. This formulation is known as CCA, which stands for chromated copper arsenic. Deep penetration of the water borne formulation is achieved by application under high pressure. The most common formulation results in a wood concentration of the Cr, Cu, and As of between 0.1-0.2%. Higher levels of arsenic from between 0.4-1.8% are employed for wood foundation and marine applications. Millions of board feet of CCA wood are produced each year, where it is used in the construction of decks, picnic tables, playground equipment, highway sound barriers, telephone poles and docks.

David Stillwell

Department of Analytical Chemistry
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Environmental Issues On The Use Of CCA Treated Wood
The most widely used wood preservative in current use is chromated copper arsenate (CCA), due to its excellent fungicidal and insecticidal properties. However, due to the massive amounts of CCA treated wood sold each year, dispersal of these additives from the wood could impact the environment. In this report we have identified potential environmental concerns associated with the use of CCA wood. We also present a summary of our findings on the amounts of Cu, Cr, and As in soils located under CCA treated wood structures, and on our determinations of arsenic dislodged from CCA treated wood surfaces. 
St. Petersburg Times The poison in your back yard
Arsenic is in the pressure-treated wood used to build decks, docks, gazebos and children's play sets. With evidence mounting that the poison can leak out, some people ask: Is it time to switch to a safer alternative?

Arsenic victims 'never know what hit them'

Arsenic fears rise over treated wood disposal

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. CAPE is a group of physicians, allied health care practitioners and citizens committed to a healthy and sustainable environment. As an organization composed mostly of physicians, CAPE brings its health expertise to environmental issues and is an important voice for environmental health in Canada. 
C.A.P.E. - Children's Environment Project The Children’s Environmental Health Project was designed by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE). It is intended to introduce clinicians (and their patients) to the fundamentals and broad context of children’s environmental health issues. Information on the health effects from environmental exposures is presented in a systems approach. 
Safer World SAFER WORLD is a private independent international internet - network. The web site contains: 
  • links between poisoning and disease 
  • environmental health and environmental illnesses 
  • CI (Chemical Injuries) 
  • pollution 
  • preventive thinking 
  • activities for a safer environment 
Environmental Working Group Poisoned Playgrounds - Healthy Building Network, Environmental Working Group Petition Consumer Product Safety Commission to Ban Sale of Arsenic-Treated Lumber for Playgrounds.
Pesticide Action Network Updates Service Pressure Treated Wood
Healthy Building Net  
Pressure Treated Wood Arsenic Pressure Treated Wood Arsenic is an informational site which enables the public to learn the dangers of cca pressure treated wood and arsenic. Current laws and new developments in the effort to phase out the use of arsenic in pressure treated woods are discussed. Contact to lawyers specializing is arsenic injury is available to visitors of this site.

The above documents are presented in a number of fomats to make them as accessible as possible to all those who are interested in understanding the consequences of continued uninformed use of cca wood. Documents with a .doc sufix are in Word format and can be read by most word processors. HTML documents can be viewed and printed directly from your browser. Some of the longer documents have been prepared as PDF files to retain their original format for printing purposes. These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe