Articles about CCA Pressure Treated Wood

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STILWELLSAPCOATING2001 Arsenic Dislodged from CCA Surfaces – Effects of Coatings
By David Stilwell
stilwell1.htm Excerpts on Uptake of Arsenic by Plants Grown Near CCA Preserved Wood
By David E. Stilwell
Feb19-02.htm News Release - February 19, 2002

Lethal "Pressure - Treated" Wood - by Brian Bradley

CCA Wood in depth study
Condensed report on CCA Wood.
PEST Canada question and answer sheet
Petition to the House of Commons in Reference to the Use of CCA Wood
petition_intro.html Brief introduction to the above petition.
cape-letter.htm A letter of support fromCanadian Association of Physicians for for the Environment
AHTCCA_flyer_final.pdf Stop Playing With Poison: Get Arsenic Out of Our Yards and Playgrounds 
AHTCCAAlternatives.pdf Protect Our Children: Buy Safer Alternatives to Arsenic-Treated Wood for Our Yards and Playgrounds.
AHTCCAIndustry.pdf Protecting Industry, Not Children: How Industry Keeps Arsentic-Treated Wood on the Market
AHTCCASealing.pdf Sealing CCA-Treated Wood: Short-term Measures for Reducing Exposure to Arsenic

The above documents are presented in a number of fomats to make them as accessible as possible to all those who are interested in understanding the consequences of continued uninformed use of cca wood. Documents with a .doc sufix are in Word format and can be read by most word processors. HTML documents can be viewed and printed directly from your browser. Some of the longer documents have been prepared as PDF files to retain their original format for printing purposes. These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.