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Copper chromium arsenate (CCA) is a substance used to treat wood to produce pressure treated wood.  This chemically treated wood is dangerous to the environment and can cause health damage and death in both human and animal life.   It is composed of known chemical carcinogens. I have compiled the information in this report in the hopes of not only educating the public on the adherent dangers of CCA treated-wood but also in the hope of persuading governments to outlaw its use or at the very least restrict it.  There are safer alternatives available, pressure treated wood (CCA) is unnecessary and dangerous.   It is widely misused and abused by both those who are ignorant of its potential dangers and those who are knowledgeable of these facts.  Given the enormous amounts produced each year, and the impact on our communities, it is imperative that we act quickly.  Arsenic never breaks down into a safe component.  This problem will not go away.  As one who has suffered from the misuse of this product, I ask you to join me in informing others, so that they will not have to face the ordeal that my family, and countless others, have been put through.

For further information:

Mrs. Deborah Elaine Barrie
4 Catherine Street
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K7A 3Z8
(613) 284-8259
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